Monday, November 3, 2008

Girl Reading Letter..........

What I like most about this picture is the warmth of the colors. I enjoy the girl facing the window, even though she is reading a letter and not looking outside. You are unable to determine what type of letter she is reading because you are not able to see the expressions on her face. I would like to believe it is a love letter or written to her by someone who loves her.


This is actually harder than I thought. What little I have read about Vermeer is bits and pieces people have put together. I believe he was a man who suffered from depression and died at a fairly young age. He only painted 35 pictures in his career.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Johannes Vermeer

Hi everyone! I will be blogging about the famous painter Johannes Vermeer on this site. Please feel free to add any input or ideas you may want to share with me.

From what little bit of research I have done on Vermeer's paintings, they are mostly of women, however, interestingly enough I have posted a picture of a gentleman Vermeer did paint.

I believe this will be a very intriguing journey as I dig deeper.

Until next time,